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What’s great in SAKE spring 2018

Point1: Japanese artisanal chefs, 200 brands from over 60 Sake makers are coming to Kyoto!

Keeping our original ochoko, Sake-cup in hand, you can enjoy tasting variety kinds of Sake with the tickets. Sake lovers will be impressed by our selected high-quality Sake and those who trying Sake for the first time will also be inspired with the refined taste of Sake.
About 60 artisanal Sake Makers from Northern region of Aomori prefecture to Southern Oita are coming in Kyoto with their enthusiasms to pass down Sake’s fine tastes to especially young people.
(Please see the list of presenting Sake makers)
We have premium Sake. These are selected by our company CEO.
And also there are Fruit Sake and Amazake (sweet drink made from fermented rice) too!
Please stop by a special site to talk to our professional Sake taster to find your favorite taste of Sake!

Point2: 16 popular restaurants and taverns representing Kyoto tastes will offer very best foods and sake.

The booths of very popular and prestigious restaurants and taverns mainly from Kyoto and Nara lined up the site. They will offer high quality foods and snacks.

Point3: For those who are yet unfamiliar with Sake can also enjoy the festival! This event will be full of entertainment including the stage show for your break.

At the special stage, talk events with Sake makers as well as music lives will be presented! Those who are new to Sake will also enjoy “joyous atmosphere with Sake”, sipping the taste of it.