2018 Autumn Special Offer at Taizo-in Zen Buddhist Temple

2018 Autumn Special Offer at Taizo-in Zen Buddhist Temple

*The payment is accepted by Japan issued credit card only. If you are reaching us from oversea please contact us directly->yoyaku@onozomi.com *Oral guide is available only in Japanese; however, tour is supplemented by English itinerary, menu and brochure highlighting the attractions of Taizo-in Zen Buddhist Temple.

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Tour Highlights

Taizo-in Zen Buddhist Temple

ポイント1 Japanese Pond Garden, Yokoen gets layered with vibrant colours in autumn.

ポイント2 Guided tour in and around 400-year-old Private Buddha Hall and Zen Garden.

zen garden

vegetarian cuisine originally derived from the dietry restrictions of Buddhist monks

ポイント3Michelin-starred Traditional Zen Buddhist Vegetarian Cuisine Experience in an autumnal setting.

About Taizo-in Zen Buddhist Temple

Listed in the Michelin Green Guide Japon

Taizo-in Buddhist Temple is one of the 46 sub-temples situated in Japan’s largest Zen temple complex,Myoshin-ji in northwestern Kyoto. Visitors can enjoy Hyonenzu, known as the oldest water-ink painting in Japan and explore their spectacular Japanese Pond Garden, Yoko-en which Taizo-in is famous for. This autumn, Taizo-in is offering a special offer for you to explore the beauty of their autumn foliage and enjoy relaxing Zen cuisine experience in a private room inside their historical building.

  • Hyonenzu
    Hyonenzu “Catching a Catfish with a Gourd” (Ink Painting, National Treasure)
  • Daikyuan
    Daikyuan is located inside Yoko-en Botanical Garden, where visitors can enjoy its unique landscape.
  • Motonobu no Niwa (dry landscape garden)
    Motonobu no Niwa (dry landscape garden)designed about 450 years ago.

Tour information

Venue Taizo-in Zen Buddhist Temple Official website

(35, Myoshinji-cho, Hanazono Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 616-8035, JAPAN)
Public Transport Taizo-in is within walking distance of JR Hanazono station (the 4th stop from Kyoto station), Myoshinji-mae bus stop and Myoshinji Kitamon-bus stop.
Dates Saturday 17 November – Sunday 2 December 2018
[Day Tour(1)]11:30 am – 1:00 pm/[Day Tour(2)]1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
[Night Illuminations Tour(1)]5:30 pm – 7:00 pm/[Night Illuminations Tour(2)]7:00 pm – 8:30 pm (gate closes)
*Night Illuminations Tour is guided and conducted outside of normal opening hours.
Fee, Maximum capacity [Day Tour]4500JPY(incl. tax and special admission fee)
[Night Illuminations Tour]5000JPY(incl. tax and special admission fee)
[Night Illuminations *Special Plan*]7000JPY(incl. tax and special admission fee)
*For selected date, 23-26 November, we offer Special Dinner of carefully selected matsutake mushroom and chestnuts.
*Maximum capacity: 35 persons
Time required 90 minutes in total.
30 minutes for guided tour, and the rest is for your meal and free time.
  • Guided tour begins punctually and will not be repeated for late-comers.
  • There is no discounts for children.
  • No pets allowed on site.
  • You may take photos anywhere onsite, but the use of tripods is prohibited.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited on site.
  • Tables and chairs are provided for meals.
  • You need to take off your shoes twice while on tour.

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Dec. 1(sat)
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    [Night Illuminations Tour] ①17:30- *sold out / ②19:00->>Booking
Dec. 2(sun)
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